Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Please Leave A Message Marathon

Please Leave A Message 50

An adventurous start with Nacho Patrol. An oaky detour with Karl Lindh. A remorseful recollection with Basil Poleadouris. And an icy synth pop conclusion.

Please Leave A Message 51

Sneakthief starts all moody and Moroder on Videosex. Later, Duracel mixes things up for full effect with U-Turn. Finally, Cosmetics mark their triumphant return to the show with the track Soft Skin.

Please Leave A Message 52

Minimal Wave Special: Sweet and jaunty, Bal Paré starts us off. Then Esplendor Geometrico casts an icy glare on the proceedings. After a library music intermission a vocoder work out is much welcome. However we won’t be let off that easy as Los Iniciados poke holes at the Peter Pan story.

Please Leave A Message 53

Marco Tulio Thrash special: We must first cross the wasteland. Once that is done we must battle the mysterious edit (probably from Italians Do It Better artist Farah). If vanquished, we will recall Forgotten Lusts and then the Day is Done.

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