Monday, March 16, 2009

Marco Tulio Thrash - Death in Space EP

The Death in Space EP by Marco Tulio Thrash is now available.
"Without naming names or pointing fingers, I use some small details to start off these 'cold warrior' jams about the Space Race: From American paranoia after Sputnik's launch, to dangerous driving in through the tundra and the mother of all (known) cover ups."


1. By the Light of the Red Moon
2. Thrusting in Baikonur
3. Why Are You Not Dead?
4. Windswept Drive to the Tracking Station
5. The Capsule Has No Wings

The opener By the Light of the Red Moon lulls the listener to a domestic setting while otherwordly noises hover overhead. Next, Thrusting in Baikonur is distorted by the hot engine fumes escaping from the remote test facility. Now we can teleport to the Kremlin’s inner chambers where Kruschev asked “Why are you not Dead?” to the survivor of a horrific accident covered up for over 30 years. In Windswept Drive to the Tracking Station we take a hair-raising journey with our favorite Chief Designer and seven other scientists crammed into a Zim (a small Soviet car) Finally,. The Capsule has no Wings ponders the reactions of first astronauts upon seeing the spherical craft they would ride in.

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  1. beautiful. just bought it, but i'm sad it is so short.